Native Animal Removal & Relocation

If you discover a native animal, snake or other reptile in your house or on your property, don't touch it!

At Native & Feral Pest Management (NFPM) we can provide the animal removal and relocation services you require to keep you, your family and pets safe from the unwanted native species on your property.

Native Animal Trapping & Relocation

Our highly trained Newcastle spotter/catcher specialists will trap the native animal on your property, causing it minimal stress. We will ensure the animal is relocated to a suitable habitat.

Damage & Repair Services

Our licensed builder can repair damage caused by any animals on your property. See pictures of previous possum prevention work below.


If it sounds like you have a mystery creature in your roof, you are likely experiencing a possum taking up residence in your home. At NFPM we have the expertise and skill to safely and humanely trap possums and release them at a more suitable location.

We not only remove the possum from the premises, but our licensed builder can also take care of any repairs required and make small modifications to prevent future possum disturbances.


A snake can be a lethal threat to your family, pets and livestock. Our team of highly experienced and licensed Newcastle snake handlers, can quickly locate, isolate and remove snakes from your property.

We have a range of permanent and temporary solutions to assist with keeping snakes out of residential and commercial premises. From netting to snake resistant fencing, NFPM can help.

Call us immediately for all of your Newcastle snake removal needs.

See more information on snake prevention spray.

Other Reptiles

The NFPM team is trained in the safe removal of lizards and other reptiles found throughout the Newcastle region and beyond. If you are concerned about reptiles posing a threat to your aviary, eggs and chickens, we provide a humane live capture and release solution.


We do deal with bird species other than Indian Mynas. Whether you have a rogue bird in a shopping centre or on your property, NFPM will deal with your bird problem on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact us for more information.