Humane Feral Pest & Vermin Control

Native & Feral Pest Management (NFPM) is equipped and licensed for all forms of animal management, removal and control. Feral animals such as wild dogs, foxes, rabbits, pigs, deer can cause costly property and environmental damage. Rats and mice transmit disease and can also cause property damage.

Newcastle Pests: Health & Economic Costs

These feral animals create significant economic and environmental problems. Because of this, NFPM aims to provide humane solutions for managing these feral species.

Wild Dogs

Wild dogs pose a significant threat to local livestock, native animal species and people. In addition to being vicious, wild dogs carry diseases and harmful parasites. NFPM can deal with wild dogs humanely, safely and efficiently.


Foxes threaten the population of native animals, as well as newborn lambs, family pets and other livestock. NFPM will provide effective and humane fox control solutions to reduce the agricultural and economic impact on farmers. These animals also impact residential areas and sensitive environmental areas such as wetlands.


As wild deer populations continue to rise they are becoming increasingly hazardous to motorists. They also threaten native species with their grazing and often carry disease such as foot and mouth. Deer also consume agricultural crops and compete with livestock for grazing pastures, as well as causing major damage to vineyards and trees through ring barking. They also cause erosion to pastures.


Feral pigs are known to cause environmental damage, desolate crops and carry diseases that pose a risk to humans and native animal species.


Feral goats contribute to the damage of vegetation, soil and native fauna by overgrazing farm land. They also cause erosion.


Rabbits are one of the most destructive and problematic pests affecting local farmers. They create property damage by digging holes, destroying native vegetation and causing erosion. They also cause trip hazards with their holes, and they can cause structural damage to the foundations of buildings.


Many bird species transmit disease and cause damage by roosting in drains and gutters. NFPM provides a range of options to help save you from frustration and unnecessary expense. The Indian Myna bird is particularly destructive. Find out more about the Indian Myna bird.

Rats & Mice

Rats and mice can cause extensive damage to crops and stock feed, as well as attracting venomous snakes. These smelly, noisy vermin can also cause costly damage by chewing through electrical wiring.


An overabundance of kangaroos can have a significant impact on stock fences and pastures, especially during times of drought and scarcity of feed. Landowners are often rightly concerned about the economic loss kangaroos can cause. Kangaroo shoots are a last resort and must be undertaken in accordance with National Parks and Wildlife Services.