Conservation & Environmental Assessments

Conservation is the key to sustaining our natural flora and fauna. At Native & Feral Pest Management (NFPM) we provide conservation assessments to detect a wide range of species at construction and mining sites. We will work with you on your site to survey, remove or monitor any native animals on your property. We will ensure the safe relocation of native wildlife.

Pre-Clearance Surveys

NFPM provides pre-clearance surveys when mining companies or developers are clearing native vegetation. A pre-clearance survey will ensure that native fauna can be identified and relocated safely, prior to construction commencing. We can assist companies in the mining industry with:

  • Pre-clearance surveys and reports in accordance with National Parks & Wildlife standards on a wide range of native and endangered species.
  • Animal management programs including removal and relocation of native species.
  • Threatened species surveys and management plans.

Aerial Surveillance & High-Tech Solutions

NFPM has an aircraft to conduct aerial surveillance and determine the extent of feral activity on your property. This information is gathered to provide a comprehensive action plan for the management of feral animal population.

When we are aerially spotting animals, we use state-of-the-art technology including nightvision equipment, thermal imaging and GPS positioning.

Our services include:

  • Aerial surveillance of feral pests
  • Night surveys using thermal imaging when many feral pests are most active
  • Action reports
  • GPS positioning of feral pest hot-spots